Sunday, March 8, 2015

Favorite Movie (CRR #3)

Hello! I'm super frustrated right now. I had this entire post written about my favorite movie and I guess I pressed the wrong button because next thing I know it was gone. 

I had GIFS and memes and everything! The whole nine yards! Now I have to start over. 

Here's a hint about my next post......

That's right.. it's Brave, which is my favorite movie! 

Why is Brave my favorite movie? Because I said so! (Don't you hate it when people say that? Well, I could go off on a tangent about that. But I am determined to stay on topic this time.) 

Seriously, I have better reasons. 

1) Merida 

Merida is one of the best fictional characters ever. I mean, look at her hair!

                                                     She's independent 

                                              And, she's sarcastic...

2) Life Lessons 

Brave is full of great life lessons, like...

You don't have to get married to be happy.

And, perhaps, there's more to life than getting married. 

If you're upset with someone, talk it out (instead of giving them a spell to change them).

Because if you do, your mother might turn into a bear. And that has serious consequences. 

Don't Steal

If you do, you might be turned into a bear. 

3) Merida's Awesome Hobby- Archery!

Merida's hobby is so cool! It's definitely unique. Other princesses like Belle read, and I don't mean that in a bad way, but archery... Ahhh! I love it! 

Those are just 3 of many reasons why Brave is my favorite movie.

Until next time....

~The Meme Goddess (yes, I am still calling myself that). 

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